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Surgical Sealant Learning Platform 

Welcome to our Aquabrid Surgical Sealant Learning Platform 

“We are providing advanced clinical solutions and training programs to help you improve patient safety and quality of care.”

Terumo Cardiovascular offers training sessions where internal and external experienced clinical specialists share their surgical techniques and best practices for managing bleeding complications during aortic valve repair cases.

This learning platform offers a variety of learning resources, such as narrated live case videos, webinars and much more!

Take a deep dive into the Aquabrid application methods, features and benefits of the product and receive tips & tricks from experienced peers!


Aquabrid Surgical Sealant

Ideal for wet conditions

Aquabrid is a fully synthetic surgical sealant for aortic surgical procedures. In contact with water it forms an elastic layer within 3 to 5 minutes – making it optimal for use in wet conditions. Aquabrid stretches and shrinks with the contraction of the vessel, while maintaining a  strong seal in the aorta.1, 2 


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"I’m satisfied with the adhesion strength of Aquabrid. The surgical sealant is perfect and adequate for the anastomoses site. It has a long-lasting effectiveness. Therefore, I strongly believe that Aquabrid is a surgical sealant with a very good quality."

legarra 2

Dr. Juan José Legarra Calderón, Cardiovascular Surgeon, Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital, Vigo, Spain

"I'm very satisfied by using Aquabrid with the adhesive capability of it and it supports me to control aortic bleeding. It is beneficial because it’s elastic and it's resembled the normal tissue."

Dr. Ashraf, Head of Cardiac Surgeon, Cardiac surgery, Al-Mezan Hospital, Hebron - West Bank, Palestinia

“Our aim is to finish bleeding control in minimally invasive or robotic cardiac surgery during Cardiopulmonary Bypass. With Aquabrid, I have a big advantage to achieve rapid hemostasis during CPB. The surgical sealant works excellent even under high pressure conditions.” 


Prof. Sahin Senay, Cardiovascular Surgeon, Acibadem University Hospital , Istanbul, Turkey

Bleeding complications in aortic procedures3

Aorta aquabrid
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The bleeding incidence rate varies by type of cardiac surgery. Aortic procedures were associated with the highest bleeding complication rate (15.0%).3

Bleeding complications are associated
➜ higher risk of infection,
➜ in-hospital mortality,
➜ transfusion-related adverse events

Aquabrid effectively controls aortic bleeding

Aquabrid is supportive in achieving hemostasis, even under fully heparinized conditions.4 RCT results show:

Aquabrid helps save hospitals money on blood products

The use of Aquabrid shows a significant reduction in blood transfusions in acute aortic dissection operations.5


dagramm legende - Edited


Aquabrid saves time in the OR

The use of Aquabrid shows a significant reduction in operating time during acute aortic dissection operations.5


                   dagramm legende - Edited


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Access our large variety of learning resources, such as narrated live case videos, webinars, eLearnings etc. and take a deep dive into the Aquabrid application methods, features and benefits of the product, tips & tricks from experienced peers ...

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4. Morita S. Randomized clinical trial of an elastomeric sealant for hemostasis in thoracic aortic surgery. General Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 2019. Please note: AQUABRID™ is the brand name for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), HYDROFIT® is the brand name in Japan. Therefore, Japanese studies refer to the surgical sealant as HYDROFIT®.

5. Matsuoka et al. A surgical sealant, AQUABRID decreased the volume of intraoperative blood transfusions and operative time for acute aortic dissection repair. Journal of Cardiac Surgery, 2022; DOI: 10.1111/jocs.17208.

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