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  Education and Training 

Aquabrid Training Program 

“We are providing advanced clinical solutions and training programs to help you improve patient safety and quality of care.”

Terumo Cardiovascular offers educational training sessions where internal and external experienced clinical trainers/clinicians share advanced techniques and best practices for managing bleeding complications during aortic valve repair cases.


How to become a clinical expert with our surgical sealant:

Part 1: Theoretical training with our experienced trainers

Learn about the product and features of Aquabrid Surgical Sealant

   1. What is Aquabrid: Product overview
   2. Features and benefits
   3. How does Aquabrid work?
   4. Application methods

Part 2: Hands-on training with our experienced trainers

Live product demonstration and hands-on experience on our simulator to practice the correct methods before your first clinical application.

Part 3: Q&A session

Exchange with an experienced clinician and discuss your concerns and questions.

Part 4: Clinical application

Coordinate dates with your Terumo representative to support surgical cases on-site and receive support by an experienced clinician during your first surgical case with Aquabrid.

Get certified by our trainers.

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Book a virtual training or request an in-house ‘hands-on’ session.

Access our large variety of learning resources, such as narrated live case videos, webinars, eLearnings etc. and take a deep dive into the Aquabrid application methods, features and benefits of the product, tips & tricks from experienced peers ...

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