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Surgical Sealant 

Developed for wet conditions 

Aquabrid is a fully synthetic surgical sealant for aortic surgical procedures. In contact with water Aquabrid forms an elastic layer within 3 to 5 minutes – making it optimal for use on wet conditions.1,2

Aquabrid stretches and shrinks with contraction of the vessel, while maintaining a strong seal in the aorta.1,2 Aquabrid has been commercially available in Japan since 2014 under the name of HYDROFIT®.

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Benefits of Aquabrid

wassertropfen türkis

Reacts with water1,2

Optimal use for wet surfaces, regardless of heparinization conditions

zeit türkis

Ready to use3

No manual mixing or preparation required

pfeil türkis


Stretches and shrinks with the vessel contractions

schloss türkis


Maintains bond/seal in the high pressure environment of the aorta

kuh türkis

100% synthetic4,5

 No biological origin or risk of infection

How does Aquabrid work? 

Aquabrid 1. method _bigger size

Aquabrid can be applied to natural and/or artificial tissue (e.g. aortic graft). The surgical site does not need to be dry, Aquabrid requires blood/moisture for reaction.

A thin layer of Aquabrid (liquid) is applied to seal the suture holes.

aquabrid schritt 2
aquabrid schritt 3

Aquabrid absorbs the moisture/blood and doubles it´s regional volume.

Aquabrid forms an elastic film after polymerization with CO2 release.

Aquabrid schritt 4

Application of Aquabrid

 Direct Method 

 Transfer Method 

Discover aortic surgical procedures with Aquabrid

Abdominal infrarenal aoritc aneurysm repair

Abdominal infrarenal aoritc aneurysm repair

A thin layer of Aqaubrid supports the seal of aortic anastomosis during abdominal infrarenal aoritc aneurysm repair.

Graft prothesis anastomosis

Graft prothesis anastomosis

Aquabrid stops bleeding from suture holes during graft prothesis anastomosis.

Bentall procedure

Bentall procedure

Aquabrid stops bleeding from all anastomosis points during aortic arch replacement.   

Aortic arch replacement

Aortic arch replacement

Aquabrid stops bleeding from anastomosis at heart side, even though difficult to access with silicone sheet.

Frozen elephant trunk (FET)

Frozen elephant trunk (FET)

Aquabrid stops bleeding from anastomosis of graft and vessel.

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